Ive been back on the air for nearly 2 years now, I must have been away from the hobby for about 5 or 6 years before that, its one of these things that once the interest bites again it bites with avengence, this was my shack nearly 2 years ago, I bought this little FT-100D from Tom GM4FDM, it was from a SK sale I seem to remember, its been a fabulous little radio and in my first 12 months back on the air worked over 100 DXCC with it, mostly on CW, the antenna was and still is a Cushcraft R7000 multiband vertical, I am not blessed with a big garden or living in an country location with fields all around me, I live in the city surrounded by neighbours with a small garden but I make the best of what I have, I love DXing but its a little bit harder given my relatively simple station but in all honesty im happy with my little lot, this year I intend to experiement with some new antennas that hopefully wont have too much of a visual impact on my neighbours, I am currently working on building a Cobweb antenna which im hoping will help with the noise level i currently face using vertical antennas, im hoping to put a very small mast in the back garden which will allow me to lower it when not in use and wind it up when im on the air, thus appeasing my neighbours, although so far Ive not had any indication my neighbours will have any issues with my antennas (fingers crossed), the FT-100D is still in the shack and I have no intention of letting it go as ive really grown attached to the little radio, its been joined by the Icom IC-7300 which for the price is bloody amazing, the other radio in the shack is my 2m/70cm FM radio a very old IC-2350 which I bought 2nd hand from a local amateur.