Decisions decisions !

As you may or may not be aware I have two Jobs, I have been a professional photographer for a number of years now, my other job is working for Innovantennas building the full array of HF/VHF and UHF antennas, alas due to the Covid 19 Pandemic my photography work has all but dried up so I have to rely purely on my work for Innovantennas, in itself its fine but it left me with a dilema to try and recoup money do I sell my photography equipment or do I slim down my Amateur Radio gear, sadly there really is only one decision, in the hope that either later this year or early next things pick up on the photography front I really need to hold on to as much of my photography equipment as i can so ive taken the difficult decision to slim down my Amateur radio equipment and take the minimalist approach, im still passionate about my lifelong hobby but need to be realistic when it comes to finances and work, so over the next few weeks the shack will be slimmed down to the bare minimum, a HF/6m radio and a radio for VHF

I intend to keep my little IC-7000 that im currently using at the workshop, simply because its a great little radio, gives me a chance to play radio on breaks at work and its the radio I intend to take to ZC4 for my little one man DXpedition should these Covid 19 restrictions finally get relaxed, ive already lost out on two trips and am still trying to get my money back from Ryanair for my cancelled trip in March. What I keep in my main shack is the next decision I need to take, I also have a lot of ancillary equipment, ATUs, Meters, Antennas etc that I need to seriously think about letting go, my kids insist im a Ham Radio hoarder, nah honestly thats not the case !!

Anyway just a little update to where I am at this point, keep safe everyone.

On another note using some spare time ive played around at designing some simple new QSL cards for my various calls, nothing groundbreaking just simple cards, hope you like them.

Adrian G0KOM