Little (or is it big) Update

So the shack is rapidly disappearing and shrinking by the day, sadly now my Retina Imac 5k has gone, I didnt think id be as gutted as I was but I am, been a fabulous computer to have in the shack, ive borrowed my daughters little old laptop for now but im struggling to get the enjoyment out of windows as well as the fact its only a 13in laptop and my eyes are struggling, anyway it is what it is and whats done is done. 

I put up the Hexbeam last week, I had ordered a new one from Ant MW0JZE but in the interim i picked up a 2nd hand one so I put this up this week.

Get a Hexbeam “They said”

It works wonderfully “They said”

It looks much bigger on the ground “They said”

When its up in the air it will look much smaller “They Said”

They lied, this thing looks bloody huge, im awaiting the fallout from the Neighbours or a visit from the local council, (Maybe I could tell them im on Furlough from GCHQ) I hope neither will happen but given the bad luck that has befallen us in the last few months im only too aware that more bad luck is on the way.

On a positive side, it bloody well works very well indeed

73 The Pessimistic Ham

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