All change again

Well things havnt quite gone according to plan lately, despite my enthusiasm at putting the Hexbeam up it would appear my neighbours dont share my enthusiasm, in fact quite the opposite, I wont go into the ins and outs of it but im not a happy bunny, as a result I have now had to take down and sell my brand new Hexbeam, I understand its not to everyones taste but when neighbours whom I thought were friends turn out to be not quite as I first thought and rather underhand in their actions it leaves me little choice but to either come to some sort of agreement or understanding or just give up the hobby or rather my passion that I have had for over 30 years now.

Im not about to do that so ive taken the Hex down and decided that the decidedly lower profile 2 element 10m Moxon and 5 Element lightweight Op-Des for 6m will be the weapons of choice for this summer, after that ive got some thinking to do, whatever I put on the tower it will need to be in a flat plain so as not to look like the (as my neighbours put it) monstrosity the Hex was.

As my daytime job is working for Innovantennas the likeliehood is I will go with one of our own antennas, the XR5C is looking like the ideal candidate right now, small 3.3m boom and capacity hat loaded shortened 20m elements, that will give me effectively a 2 element trapless yagi on all the bands from 10m thru to 20m including the WARC bands which is pretty much what the Hex does. 

Anyway as we used to say in the RAF I mustn’t let the bastards grind me down and I will move forward, onwards and upwards, or should I coin the motto of my very own Royal Air Force, Per ardua ad astra “through adversity to the stars” 

Fuckem I say

73 Adrian