New 6m Antenna

Well not so much a new 6m antenna as Ive replace my 5 El Op-Des-KOM with an Innovantenna 5 El LFA, I built this antenna at work a few years ago but never errected it at home as I was always paranoid it was a little big but im over that now, its actually not really that big at 3.9m boom length, why did I change, not sure really hoping the little bit of extra gain will help and also that the LFA is well known for its low noise performance and I suffer from quite a high noise level here at home, anyway its up and working well, A62A on 6m FT8 for an ATNO for me today proved that, I still do not nor have ever had an amplifier on any band so still just 100w here, im sorely tempted though as it can be hard going barefoot in this day and age. 

I also plan on replacing my Moxon with the 3 El 10m LFA I have up at the workshop, not sure when, possibly this week or next, I suspect I may put the rotator cage on the mast to cope with the extra weight as well, but for now the 5 Element LFA and the 2 element Moxon are doing what I want and need them to do. 

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