Quick update and all things 10m and future plans.

Not too much to update really, most of my kit is now sold apart from the ancillary kit although its all selling, slowly but its selling, I keep finding extra bits to sell as well, I would say my IC-7610 fund is getting there but other bills are taking priority so its not growing as fast as I would like, well to be honest its not growing at all, it seems to be diminishing and with Christmas coming up I fear it will diminish more, being a single parent of 5 is difficult enough but its crippling me financially but hey ho it is what it is, I doubt very much the 7610 will be in my plans for this year, more likely early next year now, but the kids come first. 

For now my solitary IC-7000 and the little FT-817ND at the workshop are all I have, it would be nice to have a 100w radio at the workshop and when eventually I find the funds for the 7610 for home the remaining IC-7000 will move to the workshop, although its been fun playing with 5w to the 3 El LFA its certainly a struggle at times, especially given the poor state of 10m right now

Although its fair to say 10m has started to pickup, its been open into South and Central America for the last few days during the evening, contacts into FY, LU and PY on CW as well as CE, CX, and a few others on the little IC-7000 so fingers crossed things are starting to pickup, I have decided to swap antennas so the 3 El LFA I use on 10m at the workshop will move to my home QTH and the Moxon I have here will be moved to the workshop

`Other than that not much to report, im still coming to terms with my marriage breakup, ok im not really coming to terms with it but for my kids I have to appear to be doing just that, my hobby is something that helps more than I probably realised, its been my hobby/lifestyle choice for 30 odd years so its the one constant in my life that I still love and it keeps me sane

Couple of pics of the LFA put together and ready to replace the Moxon I just put it together as per the Diagram and didnt even have to adjust the loop ends for lowest SWR, 1.16 out of the box so to speak, happy with that so just left it, hopefully it will be up fairly soon.

Oh and as an addendum Ive been thinking about a trailer tower recently, it would allow me to chop and change antennas at the workshop but also allow me to just head out every now and then and do some /p work i can also park it up at the side of my house to put the odd larger antenna up for contests and the like, im pushing it with the antennas I have at home as it is so to have the option of just putting something up for a short period of time is very appealing, watch this space. 

73 all

Adrian G0KOM