Been a while

Been a while since any posts so guess Id better start posting again, been a tough few first months of the year for me in my personal life but slowly coming out of the other side, following on from the last post about the Hexbeam I did actually purchase a fairly cheap 2nd hand Hexbeam but its still sat in the shed, cant quite get the courage to put it up just in case it pisses the neighbours off again, still have the 5 element LFA up for 6m and the 2 el Moxon for 10m, really need to start looking at other bands now that things are starting to improve, as I write this the SFI is 163 and conditions have been excellent lately on 10m so far with my only little radio and minimal antennas ive worked 95 countries on 10 which im fairly happy with, nice new one recently ws 9N7AA on CW which as an ATNO on any band so even happier to get him on 10m CW

Am hoping to be able to save enough pennies so I can get another decent radio later in the year, I think ive set my heart on an IC-7610, being an Icom man at heart, it will more than likely have to be a 2nd hand one though as new they certainly arent cheap, im starting to clear my workshop out and have a ton of bits and bobs I need to put up for sale, mostly radio related but some other stuff as well, if I can get my finger out and get it done it will go some way to getting me that 7610, even got a couple of old Racal RA17s in a 19in Rack to get rid of, the joys, takes me back to trade training at RAF Cosford in 1984

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