VP8TLE Laurie 10m

Nice little opening to VP8TLEĀ  one of my fellow CDXC members Laurie Margolis, G3UML currently in Port Stanley, (now the City of Stanley) would love to go down and reactivate my VP8COI call. great signal today

3 Element LFA for 10m

Well I finally got of my arse and swapped the 2 el Moxon for the 3 Element LFA just in time for the  SFI to take a dive and conditions drop, but still seems to be working well, Ive now taken down the 2m and 4m antennas as i intend to move that tower to another part of the garden, i really need to get something up for other bands as well as currently I only have the 3 El 10m antenna and the 5 Element 6m antenna up.