Not quite QRT follow up

Well after much thought and although ive pretty much sold most of my equipment I wont go QRT totally,  ive been thinking about the way forward and until my home life improves substantially I will not operate from home so I think the Car and also portable will be my options for the forseeable future, I still think another IC-7000 or an IC-706MKIIG is the way forward for the car but also looking at something like a KX3 o r KX2 to have as a portable option, ive got plenty of bits still laying around to put together some half decent portable antennas to use on the fly so thats the way forward I think, of course that all may change, well actually it probably wont unless I win the lottery 🙂 stock pic of KX3 posted as I dont own one to photograph yet. oh and the below statement still applies. 

Illegitimi non carborundum

Not quite QRT but close

Well pretty much all of my equipment is sold, left with just the one radio the IC-7300, could really use the money but am loathed to sell it as I know i will regret it, the towers are still unsold although I have sold the Tennamast, the Altron remains in place on the house and the smaller MM0CUG is now laying in the garden waiting to be sold, the Clark Scam has now gone as well, just no idea what the future holds for me, been licensed now for 34 years and on radio in one form or the other for 45 years, ive gone through periods of being QRT before so im guessing I will be back at some stage, the main reason for going QRT is the breakup of my marriage of 25 years, its hit me very hard and although now over a year ago it continues to affect my mental health and wellbeing in a substantial way, its also hit me financially so the time has come to prioritise.

I spend a lot of time in my car ferrying kids here there and everywhere so am possibly thinking of picking up another mobile radio, IC-706MKIIG or another IC-7000, wish id not sold my last 7000 but needs must, I have some HF mobile antennas that have sat in the shed for donkeys years so could put them to good use without having to fork out anymore money, at least it would enable me to stay on the air until circumstances at home start to improve, anyway its all just thoughts at the moment, i had thought about putting the 7300 in the car but its just a tad too big and I think something like the 706MKIIG or 7000 would allow me to put the body of the radio in the boot and just mount the head unit in the car, easier for removal and security.

I think if id had some capital behind me i would have just jumped on a plane to a nice sunny DX location (almost definatly Cyprus) and stayed for good, well maybe my lottery will come in soon and I will be able to do just that, ahh not with my luck though, anyway still QRV ish until the tower and antennas are sold, I will leave the 7300 until absolutley last before I make any rash decisions, im trying to adhere to the phrase below, sadly it doesnt seem to be working.

Illegitimi non carborundum