Not quite QRT follow up

Well after much thought and although ive pretty much sold most of my equipment I wont go QRT totally,  ive been thinking about the way forward and until my home life improves substantially I will not operate from home so I think the Car and also portable will be my options for the forseeable future, I still think another IC-7000 or an IC-706MKIIG is the way forward for the car but also looking at something like a KX3 o r KX2 to have as a portable option, ive got plenty of bits still laying around to put together some half decent portable antennas to use on the fly so thats the way forward I think, of course that all may change, well actually it probably wont unless I win the lottery 🙂 stock pic of KX3 posted as I dont own one to photograph yet. oh and the below statement still applies. 

Illegitimi non carborundum

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