It never rains but it ………..

Well you know the rest, had just sourced the perfect KX3 but then a very large car bill put paid to that, ah well it was probably meant to be, still have a few bits of kit to sell, am surprised nobody has bought my Kenwood TS-870S I have for sale, lovely conditon and totally untouched, I think its up for a great price as well but maybe its just that time of year, as we speak the 3Y0J team are only a few days away from Bouvet, whist I still have some equipment Id better try and get them worked on at least a band or two, it would be an ATNO on any band for me as it will be for hundreds of thousands of Amateurs around the world so the pileups are going to be immense.

I think I will probably wait until the 2nd week before even trying as I dont own an amp and will be contending with most of the big guns in europe with their 2K amps, still only have a 10m antenna up so I really need to think about something quick and easy for other bands, I have a DX Commander Expedition I bought for my trip to ZC4 its been sat in the box for a couple of years so I think its time to break it out and put it up with a few bands, most probably 40m, 30m 17m and 12m although at this point im not sure, anything is better than nothing as the saying goes

So no KX3 or IC-7000 for now, perhaps later in the year, right now im not even sure what next week is going to bring never mind later in the year

Onwards and upwards apparently

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