Been a while, wee update

Not posted in a long time, maybe time to start posting again, been quite a traumatic couple of years all told for me but ive come out of the other side, well mostly, just when I think i am something else comes alone to hit me for six, but we push on, the shack is now down to one radio, my little IC-7300 which dont get me wrong is a fabulous little radio, I know I will never manage a 7800 or a 7850, was gutted I had to sell my IC-7700 a couple of years ago, quite fancy an IC-7610 but doubt that will happen either, way to expensive (unless the lottery win comes along LOL) still only QRV on 10m and 6m  so far this year and the bands have not been great despite the start of the new sunspot cycle, indications looked good earlier in the year but it seems to have fallen flat, there is still some good DX to be worked though, just a lot of patience required.

There are a lot of DXpeditions starting to appear in the coming months so with that in mind im on the lookout for a 2nd hand multiband antenna,  either an MA5B, 2 el Tribander or an old Hexbeam, just so I can have access to other HF bands in the next few months, no amp on the horizon and as ive managed 35  years without one I doubt one will be on the cards anytime soon, rarely treat myself to anything new these days given the financial issues ive had but I did however treat myself to a new paddle key earlier this year, the CT755 from Yury UR5CDX, its a thing of beauty and given that im primarily CW these days its a joy to use, anyway thats about it  for this wee update, have a few plans for the coming weeks/months so will try and post more asap.

73 de Adrian G0KOM