Its been over 30 years since ive operated as ZC4MK, I had a couple of trips planned in the last few years but due to flight cancellations and Covid those trips were cancelled, well finally I have my ZC4MK license re-issued and now valid until March 2025 so im heading back, I plan on operating for 10 days in March of next year during the the CQ WW WPX contest but before that I will be heading to Cyprus next week for a weeks holiday, im not 100 percent sure if I will manage to get on the air but I have my callsign and I have a good friend of mine who lives in 5B4 who will loan me some kit to use if I decide to spend a day or two in the SBA, even if I dont operate this time round im definatley headed back next year in March and then possibly during the summer to also do some 6m, I cant effin wait

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