Desperate Measures

When you have been off the air for quite a while and your desperate after moving to a new house to get something up and running,  this is me.

The driven element from my TB3 3 element tribander, an antenna in this location I will never get to erect so am temporarily using the driven element in the back garden at 10ft, crude and very temporary but at least I can have a listen around and it actually works ok. 

Desperate times mean desperate measures. 

Im here

Well just having a play with some sort of Amateur Radio blog, first post just testing the wordpress install, head over to QRZ to find out a bit more about me, been licensed for 30 years now, callsigns are G0KOM, ZC4MK, VP8COI and spent 6 years living in Spain and operating as EA5/G0KOM

The Image for this post is my operating position at VP8COI, a freezing cold portacabin in the middle of Mount Pleasant airfield.